Specially designed Hydrolid

Comes with a free Hydropod!

Check it out

Specially designed Hydrolid

Comes with a free Hydropod!

Check it out

It's better than your
average bucket.

But Why?

The hydrobucket gives you
easy access for all your growing needs:

  • Nutrient Solution
  • Test pH and EC/ppm transfer fluid
  • Inspect roots and interior
  • Increased reservoir volume
  • Unrestricted access to airstone etc.
  • New redesigned side lid prevents light leaks

No need to touch the plant EVER.

Checking PH

The hydrobucket allows the user to access nutrent solutions without moving the plant. Testph and EC/ppm, transfer fluid. Inspect roots and interior.


The Hydrobucket accepts all manifolds and grommets. The flat surfaces of the extended reservoir allow for a confident cut and a quality install.

Stabilized plant

Low stress training in veg allows for more light on site, attach your training accessories from your plant directly to the Hydrobucket.

Pulling Roots

Stop lifting your plants. The Hydrobucket will allow the grower to access the reservoir without lifting, adjusting or disturbing the plant.

Deep water Culture?

What is
Deep water Culture?

What is
Deep water Culture?

DWC is a style of growing with hydroponics. The plants flourish as their roots stretch down from a net pot into a reservoir of nutrient rich, aerated water. When compared to other growing styles, DWC has the following advantages:

Why is it

Plants can access and take advantage of all available nutrients and space.  Generally, Deep Water Culture is up to ninety percent more efficient in the use of water.

Plants grow faster in the first few weeks of the vegetative stage compared to other methods. This results in very high yields compared to the amount of light/nutrients/time that goes into each plant.

A well planned DWC system can be fully automated. Once set up, your garden will consistently supply the right amount of nutrients and oxygen to your plants.

In a DWC setup, the plants are suspended in special pots or nets, with their roots stretching down, immersed into a pool of aerated, nutrient-rich water.

No chemical weed or pest control products are needed when operating a hydroponic system

Everything else is just a bucket.

Stop lifting your plants,
with the Hydrobucket

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Buckets do not include the net pot lid as seen in photos. 

Mitch Gorgichuk

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Visionary Hydroponics Inc. was created through the passion of growing indoors and to offer products that allow growers to spend more time on their plants. Mitch Gorgichuk, Founder & Inventor, is a serial entrepreneur that recognized an opportunity to provide growers with superior products that will enhance yield and simplify their hydroponic operations.

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